What is the difference between a portfolio, programme and a project?  Am I managing a portfolio or programme?  How do I manage whatever I have, to deliver the required benefits or products to time and budget?  How do I manage risk and change to minimise the adverse impacts?  These are just a few of the many hundreds of questions which we hear.

Tavistock Associates have over 20 years experience in the management of portfolios, programmes and projects spanning high-technology development and production programmes to internal business change.  It is very likely that if you are experiencing an issue now, we've seen something similar in the past and therefore will have potential solutions to solve your immediate problems.

Project management services are offered on either a man-day rate or fixed price work package basis.


It is vitally important to the success of a programme or project to set up and start the job in the right way; having the work scope, desired benefits, deliverables, plans, schedules, budgets, management roles and responsibilities and appropriate control systems established and set to work.  It is far easier to do so from the outset than try to introduce at a later stage when staff are focused on "doing the job".

Tavistock Associates have experience in the set-up of two major (£'00 million) projects which it is able to call upon to ensure that your project is set up appropriately to maximise the probability of a successful outcome.


Organisations are constantly challenged to reduce their costs, often by "doing more with less". Sometimes investments in infrastructure have been made which fail to achieve the advertised benefits because organisations continue to work in the same way as they did, and hence the benefits of the new infrastructure are not realised.

Tavistock Associates have successful experience of the re-engineering of business processes, using a four stage approach (determine the "as is" position, investigate development options, derive and sell the "to be" solution, implement through prototyping the new solution to a production-ready standard).


Businesses do not exist in a vacuum, the environment in which they operate is changing; politically, economically, technologically and socially. Their competitors are changing too. To maintain or grow a position in an industrial sector or markets, businesses need to develop long, medium and near term plans to take them forward.

Tavistock Associates have experience in the development of strategic plans for a major function within a large PLC. It also has strategic planning experience gained during the merger of two PLCs. Add to this the further tools and techniques gained from MBA studies (including those pertaining to international M&A activities), we have much to offer to assist your business in this respect.


Innovation is not just about development of the latest "must have" product, although for many businesses this is extremely important to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage. Innovation in business is far more than this; it entails how businesses improve their ways of working (process innovation - from marketing, design and development through to production), service offerings, to the products themselves. Innovation can be radical (the "game changer") or incremental (product evolution). Whatever the context or environment, innovation must be managed if the desired benefits are to be achieved.

Tavistock Associates have experience of using these innovation management techniques (i.e. technology road mapping, requirement identification and expression and prioritisation techniques) to deliver the maximum return on investment for precious product or process development budgets.


Many modern organisations rely upon suppliers for goods and services beyond the traditional "bought out" finished parts and raw materials, including the development of key product or service capabilities and the supply of services that would have been traditionally conducted "in house" (i.e HR, finance and administration tasks). These may be purchased via traditional customer-supplier trading arrangements through to partnering agreements. Similarly, for every organisation which is the customer of such services, there a myriad of potential suppliers.

Tavistock Associates has experience in the management of both customer and suppliers in high-value complex-system environments. These include vendor selection and assessment techniques, the management of supplier contracts and relationships and the management of customer relationships.


Businesses must be cognisant of and manage appropriately stakeholders across its business, recognising that these may reside in their company, in those of customers or suppliers, or in wider society. All stakeholders have a number of means at their disposal for making their opinions heard, and sometimes felt.

Tavistock Associates have many years' experience in the management of stakeholder relationships and a number of tools are used to aid this process. These include stakeholder identification and mapping, stakeholder analysis and stakeholder engagement planning.


Interim management positions of 1-6 months duration covering Programme/Project Management, General Management and Strategic Planning functions are available by negotiation. We are happy to consider longer assignments if required.

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